Welcome to my little peice of the web.
Just a couple of people (W7AFC William Oliver Grieve) on the left. (K5BGG Leonard A Morgan) on my right, who have influenced me in this great hobby. sadly they are no longer with us, and are now called "silent keys" I don't think either one of these two are silent, hi hi.
Station Information: IC-745 exciting a Swan MKII amplifier which is connected to a 5 element (homebrew Yagi style) antenna for 10 meters at 65'
I am located in Pima county Arizona just out of the city limits of Tucson at an elevation of 3,000'.
I also have a Solarcon Imax 2000 verticle antenna tuned for the 10 meter band. I am an avid 10 meter enthusiast and enjoy working stations around the world.
I have a seperate station set up to communicate on 40 meters and 75/80 meters using a IC- 706 MKII to a Alpha Delta wire dipole with traps in a inverted vee fashion apex at 55'.
Mobile operations consist of a 706 MKII and a 102" whip antenna, using an IC-AH4 to tune.  When sunspot activity is low I replace my 10 meter antenna with a Mosely TA-33 and work 20 meters. My favorite mode on 20 meters is Slow Scan TV.
I will glady send a QSL card for contacts I can use the bureau or direct if it is cost effective to do so. I am a member of ARRL, 10-10 International, Southern Arizona DX Association. And am an active VE for ARRL. 
Amateur radio is an amazing hobby. I have met a lot of wonderful people both local and far off. Amateur radio people by nature are a generous bunch who are willing to help in various ways. Either by helping a person get licensed or providing communications in emergency situations to volunteering in schools and communities.
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